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Join us for our monthly smoker every "Thurd Thursday"
in the Fallout Shelter (lower level of the Lanes)

Beaver County Cigar Club


Membership in the Beaver County Cigar Club (BCCC:) has several benefits:


1) Members can purchase individual cigars from our humidor at the club prices which are usually MUCH lower than regular retail prices

2) Members can order boxes of cigars at our wholesale price (plus shipping and tax)

3) Members can attend monthly smoker at Sheffield Lanes Lounge every "Thurd Thursday" and are welcome to bring a guest

4) Members can attend any special events planned by the club, and

5) Maybe some other stuff!


Sometimes you will receive a mailing or email reminding you of events.  But otherwise, we will probably not bother you.


The BCCC has no other regular meetings, no officers, no agenda, and no regular dues.  We exist only to enjoy a cigar, relax and enjoy the company of like-minded cigar smokers.  Sometimes, through the efforts of the members we will do something else, but all events are voluntary.  The club expects mutual respect and courtesy between members at all times.  And regular bathing.  Yeah.  No smelly people.  Rules are subject to change at the whim of the organizers.

Beaver County Cigar Club


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